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Why Trinidad and Tobago is Severely Underrated

Upon telling people that I am a second generation Trini, I get the same glazed over look for two possible reasons: they don’t know where Trinidad is, or they are baffled that I am a white person with family from the Caribbean. After that gets out of the way and we’re all on the same page, I then go on a lovely rant explaining the many wonders of the sisters islands of Trinidad and Tobago.



Upon arriving there for sadly the second time in my life, I notice the first thing: the air. It smells warmer and it there is a lush humidity as you step out of the arrivals at the airport. You are immediately thrust into the relaxed and carefree lifestyle of the Caribbean.

The shopping is amazing. Yes, I am going to get this one out of the way, because for you shopaholics out there, this one can not be missed. The island is filled with feminine boutiques with island flair and the shopping center mall is to die for. It’s the best of both worlds as you walk off the sand and into a luxurious air conditioned mall.

The street food is ridiculously addictive. I insist on you trying “Shark and Bake” on Maracas Beach. It is a must. Only served on this beach, it includes deep fried shark meat on top of two roti-like buns. You are then introduced to a plethora of every condiment imaginable to satisfy any taste. Then go enjoy it on the beach ten feet away.

The coconut vendors are also a hoot. They are pleasantly friendly and the coconuts are a very healthy way to keep you hydrated. YUM!

The nightlife. Hit up “The Avenue” and bar hop along the endless street of party goers. Any time of the week it is always lit up until the wee hours of the morning. Take a gander at the tranis who put on shows at the street corners or visit the hip pubs and enjoy an ice cold Carib beer on the terrasses.

Down di islands. Or “DDI” as the locals say. Going down the islands in a nice little boat is a great way to fill up your day with sun, rum punch and lounging on floaties in the bays of Trinidad. Maybe even swing from the ropes into the ocean or rock climb near the waterfalls. These places are never packed with tourists because it is often overlooked. So take advantage and enjoy the natural beauty of the country.

Carnival. Yes, this is the place to go for Carnival week and you will not be disappointed. Everyone ditches work and all their responsibilities to galavant in groups down the streets in bedazzled costumes while getting shamelessly sloshed. Sounds like my kind of party.



There ya have it folks! I run down of all my favorite stops from my motherland. As a small country, it does not fail to impress. It does it’s thing without apology and I couldn’t be happier about that. You go Tnt! 



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